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Are you an experienced guitar player looking to take your skills to the next level? Our advanced guitar lessons are the perfect way to improve your technique and explore new musical horizons.

I offer a variety of lesson options to suit your needs, including private one-on-one lessons and online lessons. Plus, we are accredited by the Rock School and Trinity exam boards, so you can be confident in the quality of our teaching and the value of the qualifications you'll receive.

Sign up for a lesson today and start your journey towards mastery!






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"Working with Luc was an absolute pleasure, his ability to instantly understand a track was amazing. He sessioned the drums for our first single as a last-minute decision and with about 2 days to learn the track from a demo he absolutely nailed it. After only a few takes he got the recording down, he was also very easy going with changes we wanted to be made and corrected them when asked. Honestly, I have never experienced such a smooth recording process. Which brings me on to his mixing of the track, after recording all of our takes he quickly sent us a rough mix, we replied with a couple of reference tracks and only after a few emails back and forth we had the final piece we were all happy with. Overall a very intuitive and skilled musician and producer and above all else a great guy to work with, we are keen to get back in the studio with him again soon"

- Bradley Ayres

(Frontman - 'Bollo Bollo')

“I’ve been having lessons with Luc for around 4 months now before I was stuck trying to learn on my own and it never clicked, from the get-go Luc made it easy and fun, took it at my pace and always made sure I understood everything. He makes it very fun with a mix of learning my favourite songs as well as some much-needed theory, I would recommend Luc to anyone wanting to learn guitar, I’ve learnt more in 4 months than I did in 2 years of trying to teach myself. Luc is really easy going, talented and an all-round great teacher”

- Conor Townsend

(Guitar Student)

"Luc is Friendly, flexible, patient, encouraging and always full of positivity”

- Caroline Germany

(Ukulele Student)

"I’ve been having lessons from Luc for about 12 months now and I’m getting better every day, in my opinion at least. 
Originally we were having face to face lessons, due to circumstances we now do this over a video link. 
I find Luc to be welcoming, friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable. Lessons are structured and meaningful. 
There have been plenty of Eureka moments when Luc has explained something to me and it’s just clicked and made a big difference. 
I enjoy time spent with Luc and always leave with a smile and plenty of new things to practice" 

- Paul Nicolls

(Guitar Student)

“Luc’s lessons are great! He teaches you what you want to learn. He’s very patient and will work at your own pace. I would definitely recommend him as an excellent teacher”

- Kieran Male

(Guitar Student)

"Luc Pomfret came highly recommended to me. I am very much a novice starting from scratch.

After one initial lesson, it was immediately apparent that Luc had the tuition skills I needed. I found him friendly, patient and able to deliver the level of guidance I needed to steadily improve my basic guitar skills in the rock music and blues genre.

I found that as a teacher Luc was inspirational and delivered tuition in an attentive and respectful manner.


I came away from every lesson with practice tasks to work on until the next lesson.

One would find it hard to find a more able and enthusiastic tutor as he delivers his teaching in a calm, open-minded and natural way"

- Frankie Holian

(Guitar Student)

"I’ve been a student of Luke for my guitar lessons. He has helped me learn the basics of the guitar in a fun way using music that I enjoy and listen to. He has adapted the structure of his lessons very well to maintain my particular interest and at the same time making it a fun educational experience for me"


- Tommy Clough

(Guitar Student)

"My son has come on leaps and bounds with Luc as his teacher, with plenty of encouragement and support my son is now wanting to write is own music!"

- Mandy

(Mother of Guitar Student 'Cameron')

"Luc is a great guitar teacher to our 9-year-old daughter.  She is really quite shy but really enjoys her lessons with him. He puts her at ease and gives her an inner confidence. Thank you!"

- Kate

(Mother of Guitar Student 'Ava')

"My children have loved the continued routine of their guitar lessons during lockdown. Luc has been incredibly patient with two children who aren't at the same level but have both learnt and developed their skills. My son in particular, has been so inspired by Luc's teaching, he has hardly put his guitar down. He's independently practised and sought new songs to learn and share in his online lessons. Thank you!"

- Haley Prudomme

(Mother of Guitar Students 'Ethan & Amelie')

'Luc is able to nurture a relaxed and open atmosphere that, besides his skill as an engineer, brings out the best in everyone involved'

- Liam Burgoyne

(Drummer of 'Sapiens' Band)

'“We would like to thank Luc for all his hard work and dedication in teaching our son the Bass Guitar.  Charlie has just been awarded a Distinction in his Grade 2 exam and this has been achieved with the continued support and tuition from Luc.  We could not recommend Luc highly enough as a Guitar Teacher and he will always go above and beyond to help his students achieve to their best ability.”'

- Charlie Nettleton

(Bass Student)

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